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The Ultimate 
Survival horror RP.

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develop A future hit with us! 

Real feedback no NDA nonsense



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Why the style chnange
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Build the Life you want
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Test 3 is here!
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Entropia universe with real-world economies that are run by the gamers. 

Fair play and protected is at our forfront

In The SCP Universe

Hidn Studios is intricately weaving a distinct universe nested within the SCP realm, with the SCP Foundation anchoring its narrative. Drawing inspiration from the renowned Resident Evil franchise, we leverage the SCP Foundation as the central hub of our creative endeavors. Our ongoing initiatives encompass the creation of an open-world survival horror role-playing game and a trading card game, both unfolding in the same universe and featuring beloved SCP entities.

Looking ahead, we aspire to expand our universe by collaborating with talented indie developers passionate about realizing their gaming dreams. Our goal is to provide support to those seeking backing and an audience for their projects. We aim to establish a vibrant gaming hub where different games can seamlessly interact, entering each other's universes and contributing to the freshness of the gaming industry.

Our GAmes

Join our membership to gain exclusive access to the development process of our upcoming games. As a member, you'll have the opportunity to test games within our ecosystem from their initial stages to completion. We pride ourselves on transparency, and by becoming a member, you can witness firsthand that every game in our development pipeline is genuine. No wild claims—just a real and immersive experience. Rest assured, there's no need for any Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). Your participation is valued, and we invite you to be an integral part of the development journey.

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Mythic TCG

Embark on an exceptional journey into an unparalleled TCG experience, where you can summon your cherished SCP anomalies in an anime-inspired card game. Taking cues from the excitement of Yu-Gi-Oh! and the depth of Magic: The Gathering, we've meticulously designed a strategic game that blends the pacing of both, enriched with chess-like complexity. Brace yourself for the unpredictability of each raid, as you might find yourself immersed in the SCP Foundation universe – an exciting addition we've incorporated into our community-driven gameplay.

Mythic: story OF Abraxas Role Play

"Mythic: Story Of Abraxas" comes to life as a multiplayer open-world survival horror role-playing game, inspired by renowned titles such as "Escape from Tarkov," GTA RolePlay, and Fallout 76. While we acknowledge the intriguing dynamics of extraction games, our vision surpasses by seamlessly integrating them into the core of a survival-centric gaming experience. In contrast to being a game centered on base-building, our focus centers on the essence of awakening in a post-apocalyptic world. Players confront the crucial decision of forming alliances or navigating challenges alone, reconstructing their lives using resources discovered in this harsh environment, where what was once considered reality now mirrors scenes from a cinematic experience.

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A tester Right Now

Support a community member and get $15,000 in-game cash.

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Mythic: Story Of abraxas Rp.

Land of Silence

Developed by Daniel Pintado Games, immerse yourself in the narrative of a town where the SCP Foundation Facility A 0119 endeavors to develop a vaccine capable of slowing the aging process. Entrusted with this mission by the O5 Council, the town of Siopi experiences a catastrophic downfall, leading SCP guard agent Paul Cormen to unravel the dark secrets hidden within Siopi. Explore how the outbreak extends to the city of Hidn in this single-player survival horror game, drawing inspiration from the likes of Resident Evil and Project Zomboid.

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As we are also a story driven gaming studio we know it will be hard to tell a story that gamers will care about in a Roleplay Survival game so we are coming with a few things that will get people to care about the universe that they are taking part in with ways of adding our lore in other games and giving players a chance to know our characters what was one doing while things was happening in our universe. Also this gives our community a chance to become apart of our universe by being one of the characters in the universe as you can see below. 

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