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Myths Story Of Abraxas is an open-world survival role-playing game set in a horrifying environment. Players assume the role of God Whispers, descendants of Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve. Possessing the ability to harness divine powers and communicate with entities from various realms and gods, the God Whispers become embroiled in a web of intrigue when the SCP Foundation falsely accuses them and classifies them as D-Class personnel, unaware of their true potential.


As a player, you have the freedom to choose your path in this unforgiving world. Will you become a raider, exploring the dangerous landscapes, engaging in thrilling PVE or PVP encounters? Or perhaps you prefer a more relaxed approach, establishing and managing your own business, cultivating crops as a farmer, or testing your luck in the bustling casino. The choices are vast, allowing you to shape your character's life according to your desires.

In this immersive role-playing experience, the world is alive and breathing, offering far more than idle conversations. Take care of your character, developing their unique characteristics through an expansive progression system. Forge relationships, seize opportunities, build your empire, or make a list of formidable enemies. The challenges you face will test your survival skills and determination.


Embark on this gripping journey and uncover the secrets that lie within the world order. The road ahead is treacherous, but with luck and perseverance, you just might prevail. Good luck, survivors.


Ever since the SCP Foundation took control and established a new world order, they have delved into forbidden realms and conducted dangerous experiments. Their relentless pursuit of knowledge and power led them to search for the elusive Sefirot stones, ten ancient artifacts that hold the key to unlocking the location of the world tree and bestowing the wielder with the power of the divine mind known as Abraxas.

In the year 2044, the SCP Foundation managed to bypass SCP-001, the gate guardian believed to protect the fabled Garden of Eden. They successfully extracted the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life from this mythical realm. However, this audacious act triggered a cataclysmic event that shook humanity to its core.

As the extraction took place, a powerful being emerged, descending from the heavens with an overwhelming radiance. She addressed humanity, revealing the truth about their misguided beliefs and actions. She proclaimed, "I have observed my creation, witnessing the worship of false gods, the perpetration of violence, theft, and the abandonment of one another, all in the name of the creations of Adam. The promise I made to never flood the earth again was not of my doing." These words sent shockwaves through mankind, challenging their understanding of their existence.

Following this revelation, three mysterious planets appeared in orbit around the Earth, accompanied by enigmatic portals that unleashed monstrous creatures akin to those seen in movies. The very landscape transformed, with land emerging from the depths of the oceans, reshaping states and locations beyond recognition. Humanity now finds itself coexisting with anomalous entities, the same anomalies that were rumored to have been concealed by the SCP Foundation.

In this new world, the remnants of humanity must navigate a realm teeming with supernatural phenomena and unsettling uncertainties. The SCP Foundation's tampering with forces beyond their control has forever altered the course of human history, leaving mankind to grapple with the consequences of their actions in the face of these extraordinary challenges. Dation while attempting to rebuild the life they once knew.

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Community Involvement 

Our primary goal is to embrace and involve our community within our expansive universe, offering them something to take pride in and allowing them to envision themselves in various future scenarios. To achieve this, we lovingly handcraft our most ardent supporters within the community as unique characters, each with their own origin stories, and incorporate them into captivating narratives for our games.

In the event that some of these characters evolve into SCPs (Secure, Contain, Protect entities), we enthusiastically share them with the SCP Foundation community. By doing so, we grant others in the SCP community the liberty to incorporate our Intellectual Property (IP) into their own games, movies, or shows. This approach fosters greater interest in both our game and our community, as we continue to expand and contribute to the rich tapestry of the SCP universe.



Survival extends far beyond constructing bases, eliminating other players, or avoiding starvation. In this challenging world, you will encounter a myriad of obstacles, including depression, infection, financial struggles, and the very essence of your way of life. These elements will test your resilience and resourcefulness, adding depth and complexity to the journey of staying alive in this unforgiving environment.


Story Missions

Having persevered in this chaotic world, you deserve to relish the finest existence imaginable. Utilize your hard-earned earnings to embellish your hideouts or home, creating a space that truly reflects your personality and style. With ownership of land plots or property, you have the freedom to craft and shape your surroundings as you see fit.

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In this unique survival game, we've gone above and beyond to offer an immersive experience. You not only have the freedom to shape your own narrative but also embark on a captivating story quest that can be undertaken solo or with friends. Delve into the secrets concealed by the SCP Foundation through the enigmatic secret trees, adding an intriguing layer to the gameplay.

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Stay connected and informed about all the exciting developments happening within our development team and the ever-evolving world of Hidn. We understand the importance of keeping our community engaged and up-to-date with the latest news, features, and progress.

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Join us for an exciting multiplayer server stress test in the upcoming update of our game! This update will focus on testing and refining numerous online functionalities while bringing a captivating roleplay experience to all gamers.

We want to involve you, our valued players, in this testing process. We've devised a unique approach that involves playing the game together in a thrilling roleplay storyline, carefully crafted by our team. You'll have the opportunity to engage in NPC quests, level up, and contribute to the greater cause, all within the immersive roleplay series.

This roleplay series, heavily inspired by Telltale Games' "The Walking Dead," will feature our founder's creative depiction of SCP-008, an outbreak of zombies in a world teeming with monsters, angels, gods, and demons. This narrative will serve as canon, providing players and fans with a deeper understanding of the game's universe when it enters open beta or full release.

As an exclusive reward for participating in this roleplay playtest, you will receive unique in-game items directly to your account. These exclusive rewards include "Rick's Revolver," a powerful magnum, a "Rusty Sheriff Badge," a "Survivor's Compact Bag," and a "Sheriff Cowboy Hat." These items will be exclusive to this playtest, giving you a head start in your adventures when the game fully launches.

Stay tuned for the scheduled dates of this exciting event. We can't wait to have you be a part of this journey as we test and refine our game's online functionality and unleash the full potential of the roleplay experience! See you soon!

Support us 

We want to assure you that we respect everyone's preferences when it comes to cryptocurrency, and we won't push it onto anyone who isn't interested. Currently, our team is diligently working on various aspects, such as the marketplace, game launcher, and website account creation. We understand that this process requires time and patience, and we appreciate your support as we continue to develop the project.

For those who are enthusiastic about cryptocurrency, we have options available. If you're interested, you can reach out to us through our Discord channel and get in touch with Sethiroththedev. He will assist you with any pledges or contributions you wish to make.

Our aim is to provide the best possible experience for our players. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that our marketplaces are player-friendly, and we will offer blueprints and items for businesses and franchises within the game for those who desire to own them.

The regular marketplace will enable players to purchase in-game currency and bundles to support the development of the game. However, it's essential to emphasize that none of this is mandatory, and the game will be available for free to play. For those who want the full experience, there will be an option to access it for a minimum price.

The full experience allows players to earn from what they own within the game, without requiring the use of blockchain technology. However, for those interested in blockchain and NFTs, we offer that option as well, catering to the preferences of all our players.

Our primary focus remains on traditional gaming and delivering exceptional gaming experiences. As a way to show our appreciation to the community for helping make this dream a reality, we commit to giving back up to  50% of our earnings.

Thank you for your support and understanding. We are excited to share this journey with you and to create a gaming experience that brings joy and fulfillment to all our players. We will update you when these important factors are ready for the rollout of V3.

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