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Let's build your own Token

Hidn Verse is a social network for everyone. Hidn Verse is the social media used in the Myths Story Of Abraxas universe. We cannot use Twitter or any other social media in our world so we created our own. Our users don't even know they are playing the game and are developing already by using Hidn Verse. The Hidn Community Credits that our community creates will be considered the Myths Story Of Abraxas Crypto market. The businesses and franchise community tokens will be Myths Story Of Abraxas stock market. As players play Myths they will learn about community tokens and popular businesses. For example, a player can walk past two NPCs talking and their conversation will be about how a community token is making them money. The characters that you will meet in Myths will have their own profiles on Hidn Verse and they will be actively telling the community about leaks and updates. As we have stated multiple times, we want our community to feel a part of our universe on and off the game. An app is coming soon!

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Holding on to Keys will give users the chance to earn Hidn Community credits. The higher the level of the key, the more you will earn. Earnings stack for the number of keys you own. Let me show you something cool on the next slide.

Key Payout

Payout Chart

Key graph.png

Keys stacking

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For each group you are in and hold a key you will earn that communities token.

Myths Offical Community

Random Community

Here we will fully explain how Key Stacking works. Let's say there are two groups and you own a tyro key. One of the groups has a token worth 4 cents; you will earn $5 worth of that token (12500 tokens). The other group has a token worth 10 cents; you will earn $5 worth of that token (5000 tokens). So for being a part of 2 groups, and owning a tyro key, you will earn $10. Remember that this stacks, so if you own two Tyro Keys you will earn $20. With five Tyro Keys, you will earn $50. Now the cool thing about this system is when the value of a communities' token increases the value of rewards you've earned will also increase.

The biggest plus is the Key payouts are separate from engagement tokens. Engagement tokens are earnt through interacting with Hidn Verse. So you will earn tokens for using Hidn Verse and for being a key holder. The more groups you are in the more you can earn, as long as the group's token has value.

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Is owning a group beneficial?

Well of course, after all, it comes with a nice payday. Creating your Hidn Community Credit will come with 1.5 billion tokens. 125 million tokens will belong to you. 125 million tokens will be put in a bank as a community fund for projects or community lending in the future. With this, you should be able to build your community. Now let's say that your token is valued at 3 cents. This would mean that you have made 3.75 million for building a successful group. You do not have to promise foolishness because your community token is built off a project that makes sense. You do not need to tie a game to your token because it is already being built for you. No whitepapers or road maps are needed. Your job is to build a relatable and fun community.

Hidn Athena .png



Stake $100 in 3 different communities

Reward: Tyro Key 

Tyro Key.jpg

500 Hidn Credits


2 or more of your referrals stake $100 in 3 different communities

Reward: 500 Hidn Credits  


2 or more of your referrals stake $100 in the same communities as you. 

Reward: Tyro Key 

Tyro Key.jpg

If you are a community leader and more than 10 people stake your token you will be given a masters key.

Reward: Masters Key 

Hidn Community Voucher.png

Each key, starting at Tyro, comes with a Hidn Community voucher. You can list this NFT up and sell it to a user who wants to monetize their community but does not have one or does not want to buy a key. Collecting Keys is more than just earning money. You can also use them to monetize other groups you may have or want to create in the future. Abraxas keys come with a voucher that can split ad revenue with the company.

Get paid to Lead

There are many ways in which users can earn Hidn Credits. The main way to earn Hifn credits is by communicating with each other. The community credits you earn will be sent out on the 4th week of each month based on the amount of Hidn Credits you made that month. Please note leaving groups, spamming, and trolling will deduct Hidn Credits from your account so use them wisely. You can also convert the Hidn Credits for a token of your choice.

Hidn Credits

working in game.png

One thing about Hidn Studios is that we are built on passion and unity. We've been preparing this system for a while; now it's finally ready to take on the world. This project isn't about the money, but we are not clueless that people are going through rough times. We don't feel comfortable taking money for something that isn't complete but we need funding for development. We want our community to benefit while we develop the project. As funding increases, the community should also see a return. We don't want our community to live off hype. We don't want them to wait years for a return on what they invested. This is why we said forget a game token and decided give our community groups their own, which they can benefit from.

Hidn Community protection.png

Community protection

Community members can rest knowing that the token supply is not being controlled by the community leader or anyone who has invited them to the project. We have a system that was built in the best interest of the builders and those who engage with their community. The tokens are audited and will all be placed on exchanges. No one will have to worry about corrupted teams looking to take advantage of innocent groups of people. Hidn Studios is here for everyone; we all can win if we are united. This is not a one-man show; which is why everyone has their own project under ours.


Invite your friends to the future and earn a profit from it. 

40 invites- Verified invites will gift the user a Tyro key. 

240 invites- Verified invites will gift the user a Supreme key 

480 invites-  Verified invites will gift the user a Masters Key

920 invites-  Verified invites will gift the user a Cosmic Key 

1910 invites-Verified invites will gift the user an Abraxas Key

Earn a key each time one of your referrals invests in a key you will receive the same key.

Myths Token rewards When one of your user's purchases Myths tokens you will receive 30% of the amount they purchase. 


Community leaders can agree to use this rewarding feature if they please but we cannot promise that every community will use this feature. 


Myths Token Users that hold 20 million or more at the end of the month  Myths tokens will receive rewards along with their token distribution. 


Community leaders can agree to come up with an amount for their users to hold to offer a reward. Please note that we cannot promise that every community will use this feature.

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