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Hidn Verse {Beta}

Own your community

Build a strong community and earn rewards. Build a community with quality content and customize it to your liking. You own the brand, the name, and the content; we just give you the platform.


It's your community

We are now leaving a space where you would build a community and get nothing for it or where you will have to split the revenue with a big corporation. In the future, we are playing the cards differently here. The community that you put hours, sweat, and equity into belongs to you, so we want to make sure we give you something valuable for the hours you put into building your community on our platform.

Create Special Features.

You can fully customize your community to where you want it and how you want it. 

You can pay for a service to fully customize your community. This means that it will be nothing like the rest. This script will give your community its own functions on our website.

Earn To Own

Earn Hidn Credits for running an amazing Community. 

Earn Hidn Credit points as an incentive for being a community leader. Encourage your community to help you grow as big as you can and earn. Give rewards to your community for helping you reach stretch goals. (Badges, Gifs, Animated emojis)

Split ad revenue with us. 

For doing the work you should earn just as much. 

We want to take this new future of ours to another level. When companies want to put ads in a certain community, we will work out a deal with the community leader in which the leader can earn up to 50% of the advance paid directly from the sponsors. (You must own an Abraxas key for this option.)

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Hidn Credits Ponts 

Build with each other and earn. 

We are working hard to make this project be at the point where people can earn a living from building a community and gaming. Being a mod comes with a way to earn. Being an administrator comes with a way to earn. The only thing that you will need to be able to earn is to hold one of our collectible membership keys.

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Creating a group and building a community is free to do in Hidn Verse. If you want to earn with our platform, you will need one of our Collectable keys in your vault or your crypto wallet. Being a project that is backed by the blockchain we want to make sure our players experience true ownership in gaming. No worries barrier to entry is pretty cheap at the moment so you do not have to worry about the price to be able to win with our platform. Hidn Credit points can be redeemed for Polygon's token Matic once a user reaches a threshold. 

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