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Community Building

Become a partner with us to build your own community. 

Build a strong community and earn rewards. Build a community with quality content and customize it to your liking. You own the brand, the name, and the content; we just give you the platform. We are here to aid Web 3 in maturing towards a better future for online social communities. We want to give you a space where you can feel safe with your creation. Think of this system as building cities in the world of Hidn.

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It's your community 

We are now leaving a space where you would build a community and get nothing for it or you will have to split a majority of the revenue with the big corporations. In the future, we are playing our cards differently here. The community that you put hours, sweat, and equity into belongs to you. So we want to make sure we give you something valuable for the hours you put into building your community on our platform. 

Our community system is good for those who are good at community building for example streamers and YouTubers, can use Hidn Community Credits as a source of income and an incentive for their community to help them build the community. Community leaders will be able to do their own personal token drops that allow them to 

  • Release your new cryptocurrency for a set price such as 1 MATIC per token.

  • Allow a specific set of community members to claim your token before releasing them to the public.

  • Allow users to claim your tokens up until a specific date.

  • Gain access to a community director that will work for your every need. 

  • Pay your Mods with your community credits

  • Your community members can Accept your token as payment for services. 

  • Community Staking 

Community Customization. 

Myths Story Of Abraxas is an ecosystem and we want our community members to fill it as they are a part of building the decentralized side of our platforms. Players will be able to customize their community for what they made the community based on. You can hire Developers to build on top of the community use. 

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Earn To Own 

Hidn Community Credits vouchers allow the leader of a community to create a token of their own to help build their community. With these tokens, community leaders can build funding for their future projects on a platform where the community is safe. Hidn Community Credits are created on the Hidn Studios platform. This means communities do not have to worry about a token being a pump and dump where we do not leave the supply control to the community leader. This gives trust to the community leader. Owning your own token gives community leaders an incentive to build a great community with an upfront payment that would make the leader happy but couldn't affect the communities price if the leader sold. Do not worry we will have criteria for the leader to meet before they reach their payouts, remember safety first. 

Split Ad Revenue with us

For doing the work you should earn just as much as we do. 

we want to take this new future of ours to another level, when companies want to put ads in certain communities we will work out a deal with the community leader where the leader can earn up to 50% of the advance paid Directly from the sponsors. (You must own an Abraxas key for this option.)  

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Split Ad Revenue with us

Build with each other and earn. 

We are working hard to make this project be at a point where people can earn a living building a community and in gaming. Being a mod now comes with a way to earn. The only thing that you will need to be able to earn is one of our collectible membership keys.  

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While our community is building its community and projects on the back of ours we are building our project on the back of Polygon. We chose to go with this network due to the cheaper fees and the 

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