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Earning Loop

Hidn Studios is dedicated to creating engaging and immersive gameplay experiences for our players, without the distractions of token price speculation and greed that have plagued the web 3 space. To achieve this, we have designed a system in which players can earn in-game USD and Myths Tokens by playing the game, without having to rely on winning matches or performing well. In our game, players can explore the map of Hidn and search for loot, with over a thousand items that will be available to find. Players can also make an income by owning franchises and businesses within the game, or by selling their loot in the player-owned auction house. Our community won't have to worry about selling non-fungible tokens or speculating on the crypto market, as the game's economy is based on the use cases and meta of the players. Through gameplay, players will determine what is valuable and how the economy functions, and we will keep track of this and make updates based on their play. This gives players a sense of agency and makes them feel like their actions truly matter in the virtual world they are living in.

Convert your in-game cash!


In order to convert in-game currency into Myths Tokens in Myths Story Of Abraxas, players will need to possess one of the seven membership keys. These keys allow players to extract from the game's treasury and convert their in-game currency into Myths Tokens. However, players who are not interested in cryptocurrency can still sell their items for in-game currency and use that currency to purchase items or services from player-owned franchises or businesses within the game. The exchange rate for in-game currency to real-world USD will be determined by the in-game market and the actions of the players.


For every 1,000 in-game currency is $1 Myths Token


For every 100,000 Hidn Credit is $1 in Myths token 

Item Rarities

Tyro Key.jpg

Tyro = common 


Supreme = Rare 


Master = Ultra Rare 

Cosmic Key.jpg
abraxas key.png

Cosmic = mega Rare

Abraxas = epic Rare

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