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Play to earn sucks

At Hidn Studios, we understand that the most important thing for gamers is to have fun, which is why we prioritize making our games enjoyable above all else. However, we also know that some players are interested in earning for their time, and for those players, we offer the option to own digital assets that can generate income. You don't have to engage in this model if you don't want to, and you can still enjoy the game normally. If you do want to take advantage of the earning potential, all you have to do is purchase a membership or one of our real estate tiers, which include hideouts, land, business offices, franchises, and land. Renting or owning these properties gives our players the opportunity to earn bonuses while they play. Please note players can only convert their in-game currency into Myths tokens whenever their account reaches $30 USD valued or more in-game currency. 

Earn Loop

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In Myths Story Of Abraxas, hideouts are places for your character to live. They come with stash houses and the ability to decorate and furnish your space with items that can give you an edge in the game. For example, buying a computer can improve your hacking skills, and using a stove can improve your cooking skills. Furnishing your hideout can help you build up important skills and progress in the game. 

Real Estate 


In Myths Story Of Abraxas, hideouts are places for your character to live. They come with stash houses and the ability to decorate and furnish your space with items that can give you an edge in the game. For example, buying a computer can improve your hacking skills, and using a stove can improve your cooking skills. Furnishing your hideout can help you build up important skills and progress in the game. Bigger hideouts can be upgraded for example mansions can use myths tokens to build gyms or shooting ranges, 


Land in Myths Story of Abraxas is a business opportunity that allows players to use Myths Tokens to build and operate one of six different businesses on a plot of land: farms, breeding farms, crop fields, mining companies, lumber companies, and cannabis fields. Landowners will be able to earn by producing and selling resources, or by allowing other players to use their land for a fee. Players can choose to build and manage their land themselves or hire other players to help run the business. Land ownership is a great way to earn passive income in the game and can be a lucrative investment for those with the resources to invest. Land owners work best with Transport businesses.

Business offices

Business offices in Myths Story of Abraxas allow players to run their own virtual businesses. Players will need to manage their businesses to keep them running smoothly. There are six different types of businesses available to start: transport, real estate, medical services, law enforcement, insurance, security, and more to come in the future. Business offices can be upgraded to unlock additional servers for players to use using Myths Tokens. Players can also customize their businesses by adding their own logos to the walls of their office floors.


Franchises are businesses created by characters in our world's lore, and players can be a part of that business by owning their own franchises. Franchises are stores or shops where players can sell items such as ammo, guns, vehicles, food, and more. Players can earn in-game money by completing missions or finding it in the world, and they can use this money to make purchases at the franchises. The owner of the franchise can then convert their earnings into Myths tokens if they have a membership. Players don't have to worry about managing their franchises as AI employees are in charge of running the business. However, franchises can run out of inventory and will need to be restocked by purchasing items from the marketplace using Myths tokens.

Ways To Earn


Cash Register 

In the game world of Hidn, players can discover in-game currency in cash registers found in abandoned stores. Players who possess a membership key can convert the currency into the game's native token at their hideout or at an ATM, if they are able to return safely.

Looting bodies


In the game, players can scavenge cash from the bodies of defeated players or AI characters. They can then attempt to reach an ATM to deposit this currency. It is important to note that in-game currency cannot be bought with real money, to prevent players from losing real money.

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Auction House

Players can sell items they no longer need or want by listing them on an in-game auction house. The auction house owner collects fees for each item listed by players. items can be paid for in either in-game currency or the game's native token. This provides an opportunity for non-paying players (free members) to earn in-game money without needing a membership.


Players who possess items and player IDs can sell them to in-game pawn shops for the game's native token. However, access to pawn shops is limited to players who have Survivor keys or higher. This creates an alternative for players to earn money without having to wait for buyers at the auction house.



To prevent any one player from monopolizing our transportation franchises, we have implemented a staking system. Players can invest $1,000 in Myths tokens to secure a position on a board of 100 players per server. At the end of each month, board members earn a percentage of the revenue generated by the transportation franchises. This staking system also serves as our revenue-sharing model.


In the game, players and investors can rent out almost everything except for items to other players. For example, they can rent out extra hideouts they own. Players and investors who accept the in-game currency as rent payments will be given Myths tokens as rewards. This system is designed to give non-paying players (free-to-play players) an opportunity to participate in the game's economy.

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Factions is a community within the game where players can collaborate and work together. Faction leaders earn rewards for each sale made by members of their faction. Members also receive bonuses for making referrals, with additional bonuses for those who hold Tyro keys or higher. Sub-factions can also be formed, with the main faction receiving bonuses from the sales of sub-factions. One of the most exciting features of factions is that members at level 3 or higher can earn monthly rewards if the faction purchases a payout voucher.


Some non-player characters (NPCs) within the game will offer players in-game currency as a reward for completing tasks they assign. It is important to note that not all quests provide in-game currency as a reward. It is recommended that players visit an ATM immediately after completing a mission that rewards them with currency.

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Players or investors who own factions within the game can sell in-game items to other players for in-game currency. Franchise owners who possess a membership key do not have to worry about the risks of the Hidn world, as they can withdraw money once their franchise reaches $50 in earnings. Franchise owners must keep their stores stocked, and can purchase rare items from a marketplace to resell for a profit. This system allows investors to sell cosmetic and skins to players, instead of the studio. It also ensures that items purchased from the marketplace can only be bought using in-game currency, eliminating the need for microtransactions and protecting players from predatory practices. Our game will never have microtransactions as players buy items from other players and investors of the game.

Business ownership 

In the game, players or investors can own five different types of businesses: Insurance companies, transport companies, law enforcement, medical and realtor companies. These businesses work closely with franchises and land owners. It's important to note that these businesses must be actively managed by a player. The future app "Hidn Verse" will connect business owners with players and franchise owners, Factions and discord servers are also great places to find these business. Business owners can accept in-game currency or tokens as payment for their services, and they have the option to hire players to help manage the business.




Owning land in the game is similar to owning a business, players, and investors will have to manage and maintain their land. Investors can hire other players to run the land on their behalf. Landowners can choose to develop one of six types of land use such as farms, breeding farms, mining companies, lumber companies, crop fields, and cannabis fields. Additional land types may be added in the future.


Our community members can earn $5 for each person they refer to join our community. Each time the person they refer purchases $20 or more in tokens, the referring member earns $5. Additional bonuses can be earned if the referring member is part of a faction and/or holds a membership key.

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Ad space 


In the game, select franchises have the ability to sell advertisement space within their building or on building banners if they are owned by an Abraxas key holder. Additionally, players who own an Abraxas key also have access to the most powerful in-game company, Rich Aegis, to sell ad spaces to real-world companies on banners within the city where a Rich Aegis building is located. This service allows players and investors to set their own prices and accept offers and prices from any company in the real world.

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