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"In-game currency is earned through activities such as completing quests, selling items, looting buildings and bodies, and working for other players. It can be lost if a player dies and their body is looted. To protect their currency, players can purchase a debit card or store it in ATMs found in banks, convenience stores, and supermarkets. Members who are also investors have the option to convert their in-game currency into Myths Tokens."

"Membership keys are not to be confused with the in-game debit cards. These keys provide a number of benefits to players and investors, including the ability to convert in-game currency into Myths Tokens and sell items found in the game world for Myths Tokens at the pawn shop. Pawn shops cannot be owned by players or investors. Membership keys offer a range of perks beyond this, including access to exclusive content and services."

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New Hidn Token0150.png

Myths Token is the native token of Hidn Studios. It can be used to purchase in-game items, physical merchandise, upgrades for business offices, rental payments, business payments, and restocking franchise inventory. Additionally, Myths Token can be accepted as payment and earned through engagement in Hidn Studios' communities, such as Discord and Hidn Verse.

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