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Hidn BackRooms

Hidn Verse.png

A game built live from the ground up and with the help of our community within a few days. Hidn Backroom is an open-world third-person shooter survival game; where players must survive the waves of creatures while completing missions, puzzles, and finding the truth behind the backrooms. The SCP Foundation has entered The BackRooms by not clipping out of reality. Now it's your job to escape this terrifying maze and find out what happened to the SCP Investigators and who is behind this anomaly. Please note the demo is a prototype for the community to play with each other, we will be making updates and adding new content and changes towards pre-alpha every 4 weeks.


How long can you survive?

Inspired by Left For Dead and Call Of Duty Zombies, our community thought it would be cool if we created a fast pace survival game in the Myths Story Of Abraxas universe and focused it on the horror side of Myths. We came up with a game where you will be charged with waves every 48 seconds while you try to complete missions and make it through the backrooms. How long will you make it? Are you lucky enough to make it out of level 0?

Find your way

If you know anything about the Backrooms, the community agreed in a sick twisted way that we should stick the players in a tight space where they have to find their way out while they are running from flesh-eating threats. Can you find your way out to freedom or are you stuck here forever?


Live in fear 


Fear will kill you. With up to four players, players will want to make sure they stick together to survive. Those who get lost or travel alone can tell the foundation that the SCP investigators didn't make it. Well, that's if you make it out.

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