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Hidn Studios FAQ

1. What is Mythic SpellBook?

Mythic Spellbook presents a survival horror, crafting extraction-style role-playing game, immersing players in a world reminiscent of the catastrophic events of SCP 5000, but with heightened intensity. Assume the role of a mercenary, business owner, employee, free spirit, law enforcer, and more, alongside up to 20 players, as you collectively strive to reconstruct a world shattered beyond recognition. Unveil an expansive skill tree that empowers your character to carve out the optimal life, discover a myriad of equipment options, and navigate the challenges of rebuilding alone or in collaboration with allies. Be wary, as competition manifests in various forms, posing a constant threat to your endeavors.

2. Will the game be multiplayer?

Certainly, you have the opportunity to savor the world alongside a maximum of 20 players. In the future, we aspire to broaden the capacity, allowing an even larger number of players to engage collaboratively within a server.

3. What platforms will it release on and when?

Our primary focus is on the PC launch, but we have plans to extend our reach to PlayStation and Xbox platforms in the future. The release date is yet to be determined, as we are dedicated to creating a comprehensive and immersive gaming experience. Our ongoing efforts involve the continuous development of a compelling narrative for a deeply engaging role-playing adventure. Players with memberships enjoy an exclusive opportunity to actively contribute throughout the entirety of the development process, playing a crucial role in shaping and refining the game.

4. Is this like a GTA RolePlay experience? 

Certainly, but with a horror twist and the incorporation of PvE elements, adding a survival extraction-style gameplay. This role-play leans towards the hardcore side, where everything is interconnected, from players' every action to the intricacies of the in-game economy.

5. What engine is Mythic Spellbook built on? 

We are developing Mythic Spellbook in Unreal engine 5 

6. How do I support the project?

While we can utilize funding, we don't explicitly request it. If you wish to provide financial support, you can purchase our membership keys. However, monetary contributions are not mandatory; your feedback on what you observe and spreading the word about our game by telling a friend is equally valuable. You can also assist us on Discord.

7. I’m a content creator and I’m interested in the game. How do I get in touch?

Reach out to us on discord, or you can join our content creation program, Hidn Gaming. 

8. Is there PVP in the game?

Indeed, but we discourage Random Deathmatch (RDM) as this is a roleplaying game where players have the option to embody law enforcement roles. If you engage in the unlawful killing of another player and it gets reported to the authorities, you may face in-game consequences such as arrest and serving a designated in-game time. However, there are specific areas off-limits to law enforcement for their safety, providing players with opportunities to encounter each other.

9. What is ownership like?

Players have the option to acquire real estate and lifestyle aesthetics solely using in-game currency. Once purchased, these assets become owned by the players, who can then choose to sell, rent, or auction them within the game. It's important to note that this feature is entirely optional, and if you disagree with its inclusion, you're not obligated to use it. It has no impact on the core gaming experience. Additionally, players can mint property deeds, vehicle pink slips, vehicle history, player ID, insurance, and any other relevant information into a database. This feature is free and doesn't alter the gaming experience; rather, it serves as a tool to enhance roleplay by providing tangible documents for your character.

10. Do you sell nfts or crypto?

No, we do not engage in the sale of NFTs or cryptocurrencies. The blockchain is utilized solely as a feature to store character data for the role-playing experience. Similar to obtaining documents at a city hall, players can visit the in-game city hall to mint their character's documents. If players opt not to participate in this feature, their in-game assets remain theirs, albeit without blockchain association. There is no change to gameplay, except that law enforcement can't access your full player ID, and certain businesses can't retrieve certain details about your character. However, engaging with this aspect is entirely optional for the player. Any blockchain-related functionalities in our game are not sold. Additionally, we discourage players from purchasing on third-party platforms, as our in-game economy system ensures fairness. While we cannot prevent players from participating in Real Money Trading (RMT), we do not impose bans; instead, we actively monitor and protect players.

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