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The Legal System 

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Have you ever faced a ban in a game for an offense you didn't commit, wrongly accused of cheating? Fear not, as we have a solution for you! Are you a solo-playing enthusiast, like little Timmy, who enjoys MMORPGs on your own? No need to worry; we've got you covered, Timmy. Do you relish PVP in games like Call of Responsibilities but despise falling victim to other players' attacks? Welcome to the world of Hidn, where we offer the perfect solution!

Introducing our comprehensive legal system that operates both in-game and in the real world. What does that mean for you? Well, we safeguard players from Random Death Match (RDM), preserving the role-playing experience. Now, before you dismiss it, Chad, and say, "This game is rubbish," hear us out. We've found a workaround, though it might involve embracing a less-than-honorable path. There are specific locations for PVP activities – abandoned and dangerous areas where PVE content is abundant. This is known as raiding, and if Timmy ventures into these territories for loot, he better have invested in his role-playing skills.

But let's say someone decides to engage in PVP outside these designated zones and gets spotted by other players or the police; well, now that player has to contend with both AI law enforcement and the player base. This system was crafted to ensure a safe and casual experience for players contributing to the in-game economy while preventing inexperienced players from being completely overwhelmed.

We implore you not to ruin the role-playing experiences for others. If you encounter players in a fair game area, consider role-playing the situation unless it's chaotic, and you find yourself afraid and unable to trust anyone. We do not endorse senseless killings, even in a world rebuilding itself from the aftermath of a catastrophic event. Players should engage in PVP to protect their ideals or themselves. While we offer PVP with player damage, there are already plenty of games like Call of Responsibilities saturating the market.

Law Enforcement 


In our games, law enforcement isn't just a role; it's a responsibility that players can undertake, immersing themselves as police officers. These positions carry genuine duties, akin to moderators, as these players are entrusted with safeguarding the server from criminal activities. Law enforcement officers have the opportunity to progress through the ranks, culminating in roles such as SWAT members. As they ascend the ranks, officers gain access to enhanced equipment, essential for tackling more significant threats. Detectives, another progression, focus on cases, tracking down scammers and cheaters, providing them with deeper insights into the game's occurrences. The journey doesn't end there; individuals can aspire to become mayors.

Mayors hold a unique role as server admins, engaging in discussions with the server owner to enhance the overall gaming experience. Given the game's multiple cities, it's important to note that there can be more than one admin. However, a mayor can only preside over a single city, ensuring dedicated protection for that specific urban space. The law enforcement district owners get paid in in-game cash by the studio monthly to fund their operation and bonuses for convictions that they get. 

Court battles

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While we acknowledge that, as a small team, we may not always respond promptly to community needs, our commitment is unwavering in ensuring that we address and penalize as many cheaters as possible. Fairness is paramount to us. In the context of the game, players engaging in illegal activities, inherent to the gameplay loop, won't face bans. However, actions like Random Death Match (RDM) can lead to a ban, so we urge players to avoid such behavior, despite it being part of the list of illicit activities.

Should a player be caught cheating, the process involves their arrest and subsequent appearance in court. Here, the accused players can mount a defense, and evidence will be presented, including an examination of their accounts to determine the validity of the case. If a player is found guilty of cheating and stealing in-game, 20% of the ill-gotten gains will be removed, benefiting the server. Furthermore, their account will be blacklisted, preventing any further earnings from our game.

The judge will decide whether the player can continue playing, or if an IP ban is warranted. A jury of four players will weigh in on the case, leading to either in-game prison time or a complete ban. For those who get arrested, serving in-game prison time and possibly paying a fine with in-game cash will be the consequence. Our goal is to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all players.

Jail sentencing 


Imprisonment isn't intended for amusement; however, in our virtual realm, jails offer opportunities for roleplay. You can engage in various activities within the confines of our jails, possibly undertaking tasks assigned by those in charge of specific roles. Certain locations may provide avenues for you to assist and generate funds, thereby contributing to both personal and institutional finances. Depending on the tasks completed, you may see a reduction in your incarceration time. It's important to note that players are limited to a maximum of 72 hours in jail to prevent hindrance to their in-game rewards and progression.

What's illegal?


Apart from cheating, none of these offenses can result in a player being jailed for 72 hours. Please review the list below to see the specified times for different offenses; all servers must adhere to these guidelines to safeguard players from potential exploitation by those in positions of authority on a server. If you encounter instances of server owner or admin abuse, please report them to us at Our goal is to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience, and we don't want anyone to be disheartened in our virtual universe due to the actions of a few players. Additionally, keep in mind that you have the option to sell your assets on one server and transition to another server.

illegal activities 


  • Selling or buying drugs to  and from the NPC drug dealers and customers up to (1 hour)

  • Drug raid (Police must have a warrant., Warrants must be minted so we can confirm that the warrant was made. up to (2 hours"). If done without a warrant, the server owner pays the player a fee in in-game cash. 

  • Squatting. This does not come with jail time; police can destroy equipment in and around the house. 

  • non-self-defense Killing one player once a day (20 mins) (Please note you have to be caught killing a player) 

  • Killing non-self-defense two players in a day (1 hour) (Please note you have to be caught killing a player) 

  • killing tnon-self-defense three players in a day (2 hours) (Please note you have to be caught killing a player) 

  • Killing 4 players in a day equals random deathmatch this can get up to (24 hours) (Please note you have to be caught killing a player) 

  • Cheating up to &72 hours, fees and banned or just banned) 

  • Killing police (Please note you have to be caught killing a player)  up to (5 hours)

  • Scamming players (banned) 

  • Robbery up to (1 hour) 

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