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Test 3 is on its way! 

1/1/24-version 0.0.03

As we explored various avenues to enhance the gaming experience of Mythic: Story Of Abraxas, we are thrilled to announce that the game has progressed admirably in a direction we take pride in. The initial playtest served as a conceptual showcase, offering a glimpse of our aspirations for the game. It was an starting stage, more of a vibe check, and admittedly, the playability was compromised as we were assembling the code.

In the second playtest, we shifted gears toward an open-world extraction game, providing you with a better understanding of the game's ambiance. However, an unfortunate hiccup was discovered—players were meeting their demise during character customization, and the game failed to save progress. Rest assured, we've rectified this issue. Additionally, we've introduced vehicles into the game to enrich the overall experience.

Now, with the third playtest, a plethora of new features awaits your exploration, and we invite you to actively participate in testing them. Here's a comprehensive list of the additions and modifications we'd like you to scrutinize. It is a lot of testing and we plan on be in test 3 for about 3 to 4 months before we release test 4.

  • First and Third person view modes

  •  Ranged and melee Ai 

  • AI perception and factions 

  • being able to hide in Tall grass and foliage 

  • better Inventory and Crafting 

  • Better Backpack System

  • Item Durability with Repair, guns can jam

  • decoration system is fixed and jam packed 

  • better NPC Merchant 

  • Missions and side quest 

  • Server-based Saving 

  • Lockpicking

  • Fishing 

  •  Climbing System

  • Bow and Spears

  • Skill and Leveling 

  • Reward Division (Based on Damage)

  • better Player Customization

  • Environment Harvesting  (mining, wood cutting etc.)

  • Gardening & Farming System with plant growing stages

  • Throwable Grenades, Molotovs and Smokes

  • AI and faction camps 

  •  Player knockout and death system Revive from (emt only in the future) 

  • better interaction

  • large map and Minimap 

  •  Day & Night + Weather System

  • Sniper Rifle scoping (zooming) 

  • Vehicle system with mounting for drivebys passenger with shooting ability and features (fall from vehicle, etc.)

  • vehicle Refuelling 

  • weapon attachment on the fly (Silencers, flashlight, etc.)

  • Weapon firemodes (SEMI, BURST, AUTO)

  • Animals AI  

  • Player temperature  armor increases / decreases temperature, affected by weather and biome.

  • The Limb System, which  affects movement and actions if player bones are broken. 

  • Inventory 3D View

  • Gliding Suit (will be added in update of test 3)

  • Horse riding (will be added in update of test 3)

  • Home Ownership

  • Grappling Hook (Coming in update of test 3)

  • Slidable Slopes

  • Wall Running

  • Dodge

  • Vault

  • Climb

  • Wall Jump

  • Slide

  • better Swimming

  • Zipline 

  • Beam Walk

  • Parachute (Coming in update of test 3)

  • Ladder Climb

  • Push Objects

  • Push Over Objects

  • Elevators

  • Traps, Obstacles, and Moving Platforms

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