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Be Reward For Doing What You Do For Free. 

You can earn an income by putting time into building your community. The best part is that it is completely yours.

Creating your own Hidn Community Credits gives you and your community an incentive to communicate with each other. Content creators and moderators can earn an income by doing what they do for free. The best thing about owning your community credits is that you set the rules for what the community can do with them. If you want to create your own economy with your token? You can! If you want to accept your token for special features? You can! If your community members want to accept your token as a form of payment? They can!

Make pennies for your thoughts 

Depending on your community's strength, you can truly make a living off of your thoughts. For supporting Hidn Studios, we want to make sure our community can benefit from the growth of our company. With the new empowerment of our community, moderators can get paid for keeping the community in check and community members can get paid for interacting with one another.

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with great power comes great responsibility 

A huge problem we face with crypto is fraud. At Hidn Studios we do not stand for it, which is why we created a system around protecting our people. Community members do not have to worry about random poop coins, road maps, false promises, and foolishness with the community tokens. When it comes to Hidn Community Credits you do not need to make false promises. Just build a fun community and have your community members support the community by giving them something valuable. An example is, "If anybody in the community plays in the same server, they gain tokens." Another example is a player in your community can get a discount from your business if they hold a certain amount of your token.

We look crazy sharing so much. Earn while we develop the future. 

One thing about big corporations is that they do not thank the ones who build their platform daily. We don't want to give our community leaders any lazy deals or lowball anyone. We want to make sure that we give the community an opportunity to make a change in their life for the work they put into our project. We will never abandon the community members. For engaging with each other and for helping us grow as a community; We want to ensure they also get the red carpet treatment with a chance to win as well. With each other, we all can win.

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