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With Tokens

Hidn Community Credits gives consumers and community leaders a security system where consumers and providers can be at ease knowing that both parties are safe. Users can buy a community's token for their service; the only obligation that the users have is to hold the community's token. If they aren't happy with the service after the locking period they can swamp the token and get their money back. The cool thing is that if the token increases in price you will gain more money than you initially put into community service. Just imagine paying for Netflix but knowing that all the monthly payments you make will increase the value of the company. Another benefit of using a token is that if you ever need your money back, you can withdraw it. It also puts the power of the company in the consumer's hand.

Yahweh in game.png
Yahweh in game.png

Credit Repair

Teacher Grant Readings 

Learning how to read in English has never been more beneficial than now. Parents can now earn rewards for their children learning and receive good progress reports. Now sending your kids to class can get the family paid. The better the student does, the more rewards the family receives. All the parent has to do is hold the Teacher Grant's token.

Learn how to repair your credit without making a down payment. You can also get personal help from the mods and community leaders. How is all this possible? By holding a certain amount of Credit Repair Tokens. Users who increase their credit score by removing negative items from their credit report will gain Credit Repair Tokens. They will then be able to swamp them for tokens like ETH or Matic.

teacher with grant.jpg
Níðhöggr finished.png
Níðhöggr finished.png
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