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Welcome To Hidn Universe

Hidn Studios is a growing and transformative web3 gaming studio that is building a universe in our main title Myths Story Of Abraxas. We plan on being games to the web 3 space that redefines entertainment, storytelling, education, and familiar real-world experiences through blockchain technology.

What's in The works? 


Learn The world

Study and get to know the world you are about to spend most of your time in. 

Study and get to know the world you are about to spend most of your time in. 

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Stay up to speed on the world of Hidn and find out what happened to the world we once new

Hidn Lore 

Our RoadMap 

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Check out our 2023 Milestones! 

       Stay on top of the Development of
                 Myths Story Of Abraxas 

A Breath Of Fresh Air

A web 3 game with no speculation, community rug-pulling, and play-to-earn nonsense?

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NFTs With a purpose 

You will experience true ownership, where you don't play to earn, you earn from what you own. Our NFTS work like real-world assets. If you own a store in the real world, whether you're there or not, if somebody buys from that store, you will earn money. With our franchise and survival system, owners and players will never have to worry about earning potential.

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When exploring either the Myths or Hidn Backrooms, it is important to take care of yourself. If you don't have enough food or water, you could end up in a bad situation like the person speaking in this context.


Players can use in-game USD, Myths tokens, or any other token that powers the economy to make purchases from stores owned by other players. When a player makes a purchase from one of these stores, the owner earns the income from the sale, which they can then extract from the game.

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If you die in Myths, you will lose all of the items you were carrying at the time. If you don't have a debt card from Telsfargo, you will also lose all of the in-game USD you earned. A debt card can be purchased from Telsfargo to protect your in-game currency in the event of your death.





Players can earn in-game USD by completing missions, looting buildings and enemies, and working. Players with membership cards can then exchange this in-game USD for our Hidn token.

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There are many ways to earn Hidn tokens, such as engaging on our Discord or social media platforms, holding a membership key, or being part of the VIP whitelist.

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To protect our tokens and community economy, we will create incentives for people to use the tokens rather than sell them. Tokens on the Hidn Verse platform will become a usable currency within our games ecosystem if they reach a certain value. Myths tokens can be used to purchase in-game items, property, other assets, pay rent,add music, and add ads to the game. We will also offer rewards to holders of multiple Myths tokens for renting their keys to free players, allowing them to earn in-game cash and help stabilize the token's value.


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Join The Discussion

If you want to feel like you belong and are a part of something? Hidn Studios have the coolest community, we are friends and the team uses the servers as a hangout the spot we actually get to know everyone. No price action talk if you looking for friends and to build relationships and network. We are the community for you, we even allow people to market their games on our servers, you never know We might collab. 

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