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Developed in Unreal Engine 5

Experience The future of Blockchain gaming, the First Blockchain blockbuster.

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Welcome to Hidn Market 

When life was "normal," powerful tech companies ran the world. Now it doesn't matter what you are, a young street hustler, a crypto bro, a streamer, or an idiotboxer. You can find yourself making a change in the way you see life and investing. A world where no one can tell you what you can or cannot do and what you can or cannot own. The world is yours and you do not need to spend money to get it.

Myths Story Of Abraxas is an up-and-coming free-to-play game that will play similar to Grand Theft Auto Online but with a horror aspect. There is no pay for power or pay to get ahead aspects in this project. Investing in the game will only give players a financial edge over other players as players can own the shops, land, real estate, and businesses in Myths Story Of Abraxas. By being put on the blockchain we can make this feature more fluent and safer for our community. Be a Franchise partner of companies that has deep lore, create and own your own business, own a business that is pre-created for you, run the media and sell ad space to real companies, place your music into the game, create clothing, guns, vehicles and other assets for Hidn and become one of the big corporations inside of our universe.

This is  serious Business 

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Own A Business

Build A Empire

Owning a business isn't easy in the real world, but that changes in the digital world. By becoming a Franchise owner you can easily start your business portfolio. Franchises are run by NPCs that will do all of the selling for your business. All you would have to do is keep up on the inventory, withdraw and keep funds in the business so your NPC can buy from other players. Franchise owners that own keys will be allowed to withdraw the in-game money generated by their business and convert the in-game currency into our premium currency, Hidn Credits. Hidn Credits can then be converted into Matic Tokens.

Live the way you want to. 

In Myths Story Of Abraxas, your home is more than something to flex with; it is a hideout. Myths is an extraction base MMORPG, so going out into the world and bringing back goods is very important. However, putting what you find somewhere safe is even more important. Players will have many options to choose from when it comes to real estate, sleeping bags, tents, ranchers, condos, and even space stations that you can customize to your liking. The great thing about our real estate system is that properties can be sold for in-game cash or Hidn Credits and with a membership key you can make a profit from owning real estate. Players will also be able to become realtors and help players who own real estate sell, buy or rent, giving players a chance to earn an income.

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Own your stash House

Build your Wealth


Become A Member and unlock your profits.

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Being a key holder allows players to withdraw the money that they make within Myths Story Of Abraxas. Keyholders also gain a lot of benefits that will open doors for them over players who do not hold a key. You do not have to own a key to become a member; you can also rent a key from a player to receive the same benefits.

the Gods are on your side. 

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Build Relationships

Gods Will favor you.

The question that we all have is "do gods exist?" Myths Story Of Abraxas will allow players to purchase downloadable content in which players will find out what happened during the Reflooding and what changes occurred when the god's realm merged with ours. The cool thing is that Warden DLCs can then be sold to other players. Once a player gets all they can out of a DLC they can then sell it to players who haven't experienced the DLC. Warden DLCs gives players side quests, weapons, and access to their power for a brief moment.

Be apart of the solution.

Players can own land and businesses just like in the real world; you will need tools and resources to operate the businesses. In Myths, it is no different. If you own a transport business you will need a truck to operate that business. If you own a farm you will need stables, meat freezers, and more to make sure everything is up to par. The cool thing is when players who own certain types of franchises need to restock their business they can purchase directly from the land or business owner. This is what you call a dynamic community economy.

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You need parts to build.

Resources For you Empire

The ones with the plans own the land.

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Land With a purpose

Build The Economy

In our Blockchain game, we wanted to give players a reason to own land. Players that own land in a server can then build certain types of business on that land, for example, farms, breeding farms, and cannabis farms. There is no need to hire anybody outside the game to build something inside the game, just open up your decoration tool and place the parts you have purchased on your land.

Run a business in the digital world

Unlike a franchise, you actually have to do work when owning a real business within our digital world. Do not worry, we made sure the pre-made businesses are fun to own and work in. Here are some examples Transport, Law Enforcement, Bounty Hunting, Bondsmen, Real Estate, Insurance, Doctors, and more to come in the future. An even better thing about businesses is that they also connect with the land and franchises where these businesses are needed to keep a healthy economy. But wait! There's more. When holding a voucher in your crypto wallet you can lease out a floor in one of the many office spaces buildings in servers and set up shop at no monthly charge. However, you want to make sure that you promote your business on Hidn Verse or in the real world so people can hire your business to do their dirty work.

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Run a real business. 

Put your all in and see the results.

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Learn why she flooded the earth a second time

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