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Items in Myths is the difference between a player who is in the world or a player that is making the world. Finding, trading, being rewarded or buying items is one of the important factors of Myths Story Of Abraxas. Studying the market with our in-game stock market and player own exchanges where you can earn in-game currecnies for investing in-game currency in the stock of branded items that can created and owned by players. Players can make a income in the game or convert the in-game currency into our token. You do not have to engage with the blockchain to use any of the features with our dynamic item system. Check out our chart below to checkout the items we are adding into the game or that are in the game to get a idea on how the ecom system will work. Items that may seem useless can be used to trade factions, players, quest items, parts for your hideout and crafting which brings a supply and demand factor to our in-game items.

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