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Are you in search of a job in Myths Story of Abraxas? If so, you'll need to contact business owners to determine which establishments are hiring and ensure that your character stats align with the owner's requirements. Your character stats serve as your resume in this world. Payment for your services can be made in either our in-game currency or our native token, depending on the terms agreed upon between you and the business owner. The higher your character stats, the more you can request compensation.

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Become a member of one of the police departments in one of the cities and help the AI protect the people from criminal activity and keep Hidn Safe. Players can work their way up the ranks of the law system and make it all the way to being a CIA agent. 

Police and law 



In Myths Story of Abraxas, you can offer assistance to other players by transporting goods to their businesses or ensuring their safety. If your character stats meet the requirements, you can even help players by removing threats during their missions.


Work for the trucking companies in Hidn and become a truck driver. Deliver cargo with company vehicles. To become a truck driver in Myths Story of Abraxas, players must first obtain their trucking license from the DMV within the server. It's important to maintain a high rating to ensure that the actions of the player do not result in fines for the owner of the trucking company, which may ultimately lead to an employee getting fired.

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And much more ways you can work to earn! 

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