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The Story Of America

What if I told you we were all lied to and used as a battery to the people in the power life source? That would sound like something out of a movie right? But what if it was now our reality? You Can find out the back story of Myths Story Of Abraxas with the short stories we will release about the lore of Myths Story Of Abraxas. 

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Learn The History Of Hidn 

All the information you need to know about the history of Hidn. Everything you need to know about the characters or the important factors of Myths Stroy Of Abraxas. Until the game comes out we will be releasing lore on a character each week. 


Tree Of Knowledge

The Tree that was created by the true goddess Abraxas was placed in The Garden Of Eden to return humanity to the actual source and unlock the inner truth. The False creator god Yaldabaoth was jealous of the beautiful tree and tried to mirror it by creating The Tree Of Life. realizing his failure, Yaldabaoth told Adam and Eve not to eat from life and to never eat from The Tree Of Knowledge because The Tree Of Knowledge will cause their death as a punishment. The SCP Foundation's plan is to use the power of The two trees The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life to use the power of Yaldabaoth and Abraxas to create the universe to their liking.

Tree Of Life

The creation of the false creator god Yaldabaoth The Tree Of Life stands for life, death, sickness, pain, feelings, and confusion. The Tree was created with the darkness of Yaldabaoth's hatred and jealousy of the beautiful Tree Of Knowledge. The Tree Of Life is what Adam and Eve were told to eat in contrast to the Tree Of Knowledge. The SCP Foundation's plan is to use the power of The two trees The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life to use the power of Yaldabaoth and Abraxas to create the universe to their liking.

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Abraxas The Goddess Of The source-SCP 444

The mother of Lucifer, Yaladaoth, Lilith, and her youngest daughter EVE. The all one mind, the creator of everything, the creator of thoughts, fiction, reality, and belief. Before "let there be light" Abraxas was the creator of the god Yaldabaoth the false creator god the god who created the earth as we know it. Disappointed in her "son" and his failures as she deemed his creation in humanity. Abraxas sealed herself away but before she did, Abraxas created an Angel Lucifer to spread the message and the tree of knowledge for humans to gather the knowledge to be one with each other the source once again. When the SCP foundation discovered the Garden Of Eden after 1000s of years The Foundation has taken the Tree Of Knowledge from the Garden Of Eden. This action caused Abraxas to wake up from her slumber after millions of years. Her rage caused the realms to clash into one realm bringing havoc against humanity. She trusted that we wouldn't turn out the way her son planned for us and taking her belongings showed her that we are exactly what he wanted us to be. Abraxas used Yaldabaoths and humanity's creation to wipe us off the face of the earth. I'll tell you now, we aren't doing too well.

Eve- SCP-111

Younger Sister of Lilith, Eve was said to come from the rib of man. Being the goddess of Motherhood and creation, Eve created The first immortal man to protect her and Lilith from those who were trying to break into the garden to conquer them. Her first creation was Adam who then had children with her and Lilith which caused a rivalry between the sisters. Eve had three children Kane, Able, and her youngest son Seth.

Adam Sethet Father.png


The first immortal man that was created, ascended to godhood after sharing the Apple from the tree of knowledge with EVe. The father of Seth Adam gave the power of foresight to Seth to protect the future of Divine humanity. Yaldabaoth punished Adam and wage war on his decent.

Bahamut/Martain-SCP 4567

The dragon god of justice and a subservient deity to Torm god of law. Torm and Abraxas have made an agreement that Bahamut will protect the savior of the gods. Torm gave Bahamut the knowledge of the law of man which gave Bahamut the ability to transform into man.  Named himself Martain, Bahamut took the traits of Persuasions, expressive, optimistic, outgoing, and inspiring. When Martain is in human form he is known as being cheerful and charming and even though he is the king of dragons and the dragon god of war against evil. Martain is the life of the party. Mentoring Sethet, Bahamut is the Warden of choice when Sethet has to defend Hidn.   

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