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Roleplay Game with a real economy.

Do not Worry; we are not Crypto bros!

We are acutely aware of the implications that come with a game featuring a real-world economy. Our goal was to develop a game that doesn't compromise either gameplay or economics, drawing inspiration from games with intricate economies and those that have banned players for real-money trading (RMT). Our research included studying economies in games like Second Life and Entropia Universe. Taking a modern approach, we aimed to create a unique experience without involving players in purchasing cryptocurrencies.

Our exploration extended to roleplaying games such as GTA Roleplay and Unturned Life Roleplay, leading us to envision turning this roleplay experience into a sustainable livelihood. While the game won't make you a virtual millionaire, it offers the opportunity to earn while playing. Who doesn't enjoy playing video games? While many games come with costs, ranging from one-time purchases to subscription fees or microtransactions, we aimed to develop a game where players could collectively build an economy and earn together.

In Mythic: Story Of Abraxas Roleplay, players can earn real money and can get paid to play. However, it's important to clarify that unless you are one of the in-game business creators, direct earnings don't come from Hidn Studios. To sustain the game's existence, we must remain in business. Players can earn real money by selling their loot, assets, and services to other players. Whether you're raiding, mining, cutting trees, or crafting, your resources and services are in demand, creating opportunities for a dynamic in-game economy.

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Building gameplay

How the Virtual Economy of Mythic: Story Of Abraxas Works.

At its essence, Mythic: Story Of Abraxas stands as a real cash MMORPG with a focus on resource gathering and extraction in a openworld. Players have the opportunity to discover items within the game world for free, creating a dynamic market where they can sell these items to each other. The game intricately weaves together various businesses and gameplay loops, ensuring that players who prefer a more serene, civilization-focused experience can contribute to the economy, supporting the combat-oriented players who gather essential resources.

For those uninterested in action-packed combat and horror elements, players can immerse themselves in the day-to-day aspects of running the in-game civilization. Meanwhile, businesses and franchises rely on combat-focused players to procure necessary resources for the civilian population. To convert in-game cash into USD or our private token, players can exchange it for Hidn Credits (another In-game currency), which takes 30 days to complete to ensure legitimacy.

It's important to note that our private token is not available for public purchase. This measure is in place to safeguard our gamers and customers from the volatility of the market. The token is exclusively designed for those who opt to receive payments in cryptocurrency.

The objective of this virtual economy game is to outsmart your fellow players. Here are some prevalent strategies to earn while playing the game:

  1. Strategically retain resources until demand peaks and then sell them at a premium.

  2. Engage in daring raids or labor in challenging areas to uncover the rarest and most valuable resources.

  3. Engage in PvP and seize the hard-earned resources of another player. Remember, you do not want to get caught by law enforcement that is also played by players who get paid to protect the players in the server. 

  4. Work in the day-to-day operations of the servers and build an in-game career as a realtor, lawyer, police officer, or even a fry cook.

In-Game Professions Can Help You earn.

Here are some strategies to increase your earnings in the game. Players can adopt the role of healers within our virtual world. The paramedic profession emphasizes enhancing your character's survival level and skills. Apply for positions at player-owned hospitals, contributing your expertise to heal fellow players. Alternatively, consider becoming an EMT, rescuing fallen players in battle to prevent them from losing equipment and loot. Paramedics receive in-game cash from the hospital owner, negotiated as part of their employment. Charging by the hour is an option, and negotiations can even involve a share of the loot saved by the EMT, with the employer's approval.

Passive investments provide another avenue for earning. Players can invest in real estate, purchasing and renting out empty homes as safe houses or business locations. Additionally, properties can be sold to other players for in-game cash. Players can earn money by serving as realtors. The game offers opportunities for players to establish various businesses, and collaboration with us is possible for developing unique functions in the game, albeit for a fee. Choosing the right business type may be challenging, but in Mythic Spellbook, businesses like weapon shops, weapon smithies, or those involving food tend to be reliable options for success.

Here are some strategies for players to earn in the game.

  1. Paramedic Profession:

    • Enhance your character's survival skills and apply to work at player-owned hospitals.

    • Assist in healing other players or act as an EMT, rescuing fallen players from battle.

    • Earn in-game cash as negotiated with the hospital owner and receive payments for your services.

  2. Passive Investments:

    • Invest in real estate by purchasing empty buildings, renting out safe houses, or leasing business locations.

    • Players can act as realtors, facilitating property transactions and earning commissions.

    • Open various businesses or partner with Us to create unique ventures, choosing strategic options like weapon shops, weapon smiths, or food-related enterprises.

  3. Economic Engagement:

    • Be a banker, lending in-game cash against players' gear and charging interest.

    • Work for other players or participate in contests to earn money based on skill proficiency.

    • Serve as a mega driver, transporting players and their loot across lootable PvP space zones for a fee.

    • Tame and level up pets and farm animals for other players.

  4. Marketplace Strategies:

    • Buy low-cost weapons, use them until prices rise, and sell for profit.

    • Engage in the auction house to buy and sell items.

    • Customize and color clothing for sale, or create your own clothing line.

  5. Crafting and Skill Development:

    • Craft high-level items and build plans for sale.

    • Explore the drug trade, understanding the associated risks of getting caught.

    • Catch cheaters, act as a prosecutor, and contribute to the conviction of cheaters while blacklisting their membership.

  6. Virtual Business Opportunities:

    • Rent memberships (a method for players to convert in-game currency into real money).

    • Promote in-game events for a location you own and charge fees.

    • Earn a 20% commission from our marketplace when players make purchases in your server.


1. Are there microtransactions? 

Regrettably, that's correct. As a considerably small team, we must facilitate payouts while simultaneously dedicating effort to game development. Microtransactions in our game primarily involve the purchase of in-game cash. This allows players to acquire in-game items and enables business owners to update their inventory and compensate their employees. It's important to note that we refrain from selling skins, battle passes, and other extraneous items. Our focus remains on in-game cash, along with the introduction of new vehicles and equipment for business owners to enhance their establishments. All updates and added on items to loot will be free to players. 

2. How to earn? 

In order to convert in-game currency into real money, players are required to obtain a membership through either purchase or rental. We extend our appreciation to the community for their contribution, sharing 20% of the membership sales with server owners. Additionally, 20% of the proceeds generated from all business items and vision cards (in-game cash) are allocated to server owners. However, players must possess or rent a membership to engage in in-game currency conversion. Memberships are available at prices ranging from $46 to $12,500. These memberships offer benefits such as monthly drops, properties, vehicles, and earnings. It's important to note that Mythic Spellbook is a free-to-play game, allowing players to enjoy the full release without the need for a membership.

3. is this a blockchain game? 

No, we do not classify ourselves as a blockchain game. While blockchain games often prioritize economic speculation over gameplay, we do not align with the cryptocurrency community without attributing any issues to blockchain technology itself. As a small studio, we find it cost-effective to utilize blockchain for data storage in line with our objectives. Players can leverage blockchain for their character's documentation, extending beyond the virtual world. However, we discourage the sale of in-game items on third-party platforms since it does not transfer ownership within the game. Transactions involving in-game currency must be conducted within the game itself. We strongly advise against players using real-world money directly for in-game purchases, emphasizing the protection provided by the system against price spikes and malicious actors. In our game, blockchain serves as a plugin rather than the primary focus. We've taken on the challenge of being the first game to utilize this technology solely for gaming purposes. Our target audience consists of gamers seeking a high-quality gaming experience, with in-game earnings being a bonus for those who wish to earn from playing video games without venturing into platforms like Twitch or YouTube.

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