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About Mythic
Story Of Abraxas

The O5 Council has discovered a remedy for "It," obtained by maneuvering it through the SCP-001 Gate Guardian and containing the tree of knowledge to access its source of power. While this prevented the eradication of humanity by the SCP Foundation, it inadvertently unleashed a more formidable menace. Reality and fantasy have now intertwined, and as humanity reconstructs itself in the aftermath of a devastating flood that forever changed lives, humanity finds itself plunged into a nightmarish scenario reminiscent of a horror film.

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Our goal to create a multiverse. 

Certainly, you have the freedom to craft and construct a base, indulge in essential survival activities like eating, drinking, and sleeping, typical of many survival games. However, our intention was not to replicate the familiar narrative of dropping players into the wilderness and instructing them to forge their own stories. Instead, we immerse them in a meticulously crafted world enriched with lore from both the SCP Foundation and our unique contributions. In this pre-existing world, players are encouraged to shape their own narratives amidst diverse landscapes such as cities, forests, caves, bunkers, and more.

As a small indie team with aspirations for growth, our aim is to establish a hub where fellow indie or solo developers can leverage our game for world-building. We envision a collaborative environment where games communicate with each other, allowing players to earn in-game items by playing interconnected titles. This interconnected approach extends beyond our game, enabling players to bring items from their gaming worlds into ours.

Our selective partnership approach is geared towards indie developers aspiring to create the next Inscription, the next Lethal Company, or other exceptionally creative indie games. We aspire to foster a home for horror indie devs, providing players with the opportunity to engage with interconnected games crafted by diverse and passionate developers, bringing items and even exploring different worlds within our gaming universe. The goal is to build stories with other game devs that will make the gamer feel like they are taking part in a marvel movie that is leading to a end game they have shapped within the sCP Foundation. 


Survival game with a twist 

As mentioned earlier, players have the ability to construct their own bases, but this endeavor requires a collaborative effort within the gaming community. To establish a base in a city, players must seek permission from the new in-game city hall, where they can actively contribute. Once granted approval, players can build diverse types of structures within the city, subject to potential destruction by other players and player-controlled law enforcement—an aspect we'll delve into in future articles. Additionally, players can engage in base building on purchasable real estate scattered across the game maps, offering a sense of home ownership.

Various types of properties are available for players to own, sell, and rent, providing a fully customizable experience. These properties serve as ideal locations for crafting stations, and unlike other structures, they are immune to destruction, setting them apart. The game encourages diverse role-playing experiences as players collaborate to rebuild the world, contributing to the in-game economy through the ownership of shops, personal businesses, land, and more.

It's important to note that this is not a crypto gaming experience, and we are cognizant of the fraudulent games emerging in both spaces. In our system, we implement a policy requiring any indie developer we collaborate with for funding and publishing to release developer logs, frequent updates, and a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)-free playtest with our membership members. These members, actively involved in creating content, showcase the game's progress to the community, ensuring transparency and authenticity.

Our primary focus is on delivering an exceptional gaming experience and supporting talented indie horror developers in game development and exposure. However, our top priority is safety, and we are committed to preventing our games from encountering issues that some unnamed games have faced. We meticulously vet each developer based on their gaming ideas and development practices.


Bringing Trust into gaming

Collaborating with indie developers, we recognize the common challenges of funding and exposure. We aim to be the bridge to address these issues, but our approach involves developers actively building trust within the gaming community. The gaming community is currently facing exploitation from corporate suits, scams, and individuals unfamiliar with gaming, leading to a dissatisfying gaming experience. Our objective is to combat these issues by partnering with passionate and talented indie developers seeking funding for creating assets, securing voice actors, and refining their games.

As a small team, we acknowledge the use of placeholders but are diligently working on developing our own assets to give our game a distinct identity. We extend this capability to our partners, aspiring to empower them with the resources needed to make their games uniquely theirs. Our ultimate goal is to restore power to the gamers, fueled by our identity as a studio created by gamers. We emerged in response to the lackluster products in the market and the apparent disconnect between developers and gamers. Through collaboration with developers who share our vision, we aim to bring about positive change by creating exceptional gaming experiences and respecting the gaming community.

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