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We aren't just jpegs

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Myths Story Of Abraxas will like to return back to the digital collectibles because we always had them before NFT.  We take the web 3 and gaming space seriously. we want to make sure that we can make a change and set a standard in this space to protect the investors and gamers who still believe in this technology. We want to save this space so we want to do things right for the people who believe in this space. Below is a video of the founder talking about Crypto and gaming,  We want to make it clear that none of our items or stuff are NFTs they are the same as buying a skin in the game, We use the technology of NFTs for proof of ownership of the item and to make sure what is being sold is legit scams aren't being held on the platform. We are fully overseeing transactions to make sure our community and players are safe. 


|We wanted to bring digital assets to the forefront where the use case of the in-game products brings our community and gamers the comfort of knowing that what they are investing in will bring them a return without them having to find a sucker. We do not encourage our investors to sell Digital Collectibles for a quick flip because we are not in the NFT market. You can only sell our products on our ecosystem.  We want our digital collection to give our players passive income that can make by owning the franchises, owning a business, or renting our real estate or other assets in-game. Gaming companies frown upon players reselling or making a profit from their digital goods which is their right but here we encourage it here! 


Passive Income

We took what worked in web 2 gaming and just added web 3 ideas to it. Instead of NPC owning the stores and shops in the games we gave ownership to the players where NPC will run the stores for the players or investors and players/investors will have to keep the stores stocked. The currency that you collect in-game can be converted into real-world cash. Nothing you will find or hold in the game will be useless as everything can be sold for a profit. 

Land & 
Real estate

Let's be honest, the land meta in web 3 gaming sucks and it's a terrible idea. So we chose to do this correctly as well. We know and understand that most people do not know how to build fancy things like (some) do on  Minecrafts and most investors will have to spend more money to build something on the land that they wasted their money on. One thing we never understood is why people think companies are going to come to their land and buy it from them or places ads on it. Myths Story Of Abraxas follows the traditional ways of real estate where each property tier has a value that can increase due to the amount of land space in the game. So land and houses cannot just be reminted. The properties can be purchased, sold, traded, or even financed to another player with a 100% safety system we are building to protect both sides of the table. We are extremely aware of the fraud that goes on in this space and wants to make our community a safe space.  Land works differently in Myths Story Of Abraxas, players will buy or rent plots of land and place 5 different types of businesses on them. A Farm, breeding stable, cannabis farm, mining factory, company, or lumber storage center.  Each one of these businesses is the bread and butter of the economy if these types of businesses do not produce then the other businesses cannot restock on the goods to sell to the players. We will cover The Market system when it's ready. We also want to make this clear we do not want to engage in the nft market our NFTs can be listed on other marketplaces but those who do that will be selling proof that they own the product. We cannot stop but we are against any of our products being sold on third-party platforms due to the amount of fraud. 

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Play and earn

in-game money.png
Hidn Credit Transparent0226 (2).png

We took the play-to-earn mode that does not work and flipped it on its head. We used traditional gaming for this system as well. If it isn't broken do not fix it. Gamers will be able to gain in-game money by doing quests, looting buildings, players, employment, and or AI, and if they hold one of our Key card's digital collectibles that have (NFTs) tied to proof of the key holder's Ownership. The Holder will be able to exchange the in-game money for our premium currency. Players will be able to buy Hidn Credits our premium currency that can be used to buy things for example such as real estate and franchises from other players to speed up crafting. Hidn Credits can also cover rent. One big thing we wanted to press was for our players to feel like they are safe and do not have to worry about losing their investment in a token that will could be tainted with corruption. Our goal is to make sure that no one is holding the bag so players/investors who purchase Hidn Credits can also exchange what isn't spent back into Matic or USD/USDC.

The community

Without our community, we would not be able to create this masterpiece or make a change in the space. Our community is just as tired of the scams as we all are and we wanted to thank the ones who took a chance with us by putting them into our universe. Depending on how much money they spend is how hands-on they will be in their character. Check out the ones we have so far and there are more we are working on. Below are people in our community transformed into Myths Story Of Abraxas characters and will feature in the game as well as gain royalties when their NFTS sell.  These are hand-drawn artwork, not made by AI, and will be used all around the project. 

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