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Shade Point City /Claw City Update| 1 Update Notes

By Sethiroth

Happy New Year! We are excited to announce that we are moving out of the prototype phase and into full development. We are currently in pre-alpha development and will be hosting a play test in the coming weeks for community members with our membership keys.. Our team is proud to welcome AAA developer Daniel Pintado, who has worked on games such as Sleeping Dogs, Crackdown, and 171, to Hidn Studios. He is fully committed to creating the best game in the web 3 space. In the next six months, Hidn Studios will experience significant growth and we are thrilled to have you join us on this journey. Without further ado, let's dive into the patch notes.

Survival Stats rework

Yes, survival games are currently a popular genre in the gaming industry. Many major studios, such as Blizzard, are looking to enter the market and develop their own survival games. This genre is known for its challenging gameplay and the need for players to make strategic decisions to survive in a harsh environment. The popularity of survival games continues to grow as players enjoy the sense of immersion and realism that it provides.

We aim to make a name for ourselves in the survival game genre by approaching it differently. Our goal is to create a realistic and immersive game that makes players feel like they are a part of a world they care about. To achieve this, we have included game mechanics that affect the player's experience, such as having to make decisions between finding a new weapon or having enough food to survive. This will create a unique and engaging gameplay experience for our players.

Players will have to manage their survival with five main stats: Health, Hunger, Thirst, Fear, and Energy. Keeping an eye on these stats will be crucial for players to survive in the game. Those who pay attention to their stats and make strategic decisions will have a better chance of success than those who don't. It will be interesting to see how players adapt to the game mechanics, and how they will strategize to survive in the game.


The Health stat is essential for the player's survival in Myths Story of Abraxas. Players will have to be careful not to put their character in dangerous situations, as there are many ways for the character to be harmed in the game. Combat damage is the primary source of damage, and there are different types of combat damage such as range, melee, and status effects. However, players can also lose health due to factors outside of combat such as extreme weather temperatures, poison, sickness and neglecting other survival stats such as hunger and thirst. Keeping an eye on all these factors and making strategic decisions will be key to surviving in the game.


Hunger is an important survival stat in Myths Story of Abraxas. Feeding your character is essential for their survival in the game's digital world of Hidn. Players can find food in abandoned areas or buy it from various in-game stores, which will all offer different types of food with different benefits. Players can also buy and sell food on the in-game auction house. However, players should keep in mind that food is limited, and some types of food may be rare to find, making it important for players to strategize and plan ahead to ensure their character's survival.


it is important to monitor hydration levels in addition to hunger, especially in hot weather or during physical activity. Different types of drinks can have different effects on the player, so it is important to choose wisely.


Energy management is crucial in Myths Story of Abraxas, as players don't want their character to become tired and fall asleep in the middle of combat or looting. It's essential to pay attention to your energy percentage and ensure that your character has the appropriate clothing for the weather, as cold temperatures can make your character tired much faster. Keeping an eye on energy levels and making sure your character is well-equipped will be crucial for survival in the game.


The Fear system is an important aspect of Myths Story of Abraxas, as we believe that characters would be afraid of monsters, getting hurt, and certain areas in real life, so it only made sense to add this feature in the game. Players will experience fear from fighting monsters, taking damage from certain bullets, guns, or melee weapons, eating certain types of food, catching certain sicknesses, losing money in the casino or even going into certain types of areas. The character's fear level will increase as they experience these events. When a character's fear level reaches around 40%, players will start to notice changes in their character's vision and movement. This fear system will be a key part of the gameplay experience in Myths Story of Abraxas and will be further developed in future updates.

Inventory rework

In order to make Myths Story of Abraxas a game that can be played on both console and PC, we have made changes to the inventory system to make it more realistic and accessible for players. We wanted to avoid players being able to carry too many items without a backpack, so we have limited the starting inventory slots to 6, with an additional slot for a secret stash where players can hide an important item that they wouldn't want to lose. This secret stash increases by one slot depending on the player's membership key level, giving players the opportunity to earn 1-7 extra slots to protect important items such as car keys, player IDs, in-game cash, rare loot, weapons, and more. This change will make the game more realistic and add a new level of strategic gameplay for players.