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Rag To Riches

Immerse yourself in a roleplaying adventure tailored for collaborative gameplay. Engage with a community of up to 20 individuals in a realm where your collective task is to reconstruct the world. Embrace diversity among other players, recognizing that conflict may arise as a potential solution. Be mindful that every decision carries consequences. Assume the role of a fry cook, mercenary, gangster, resident, law enforcement officer, mayor, or even a judge, all within the expansive world of the SCP Foundation universe. Navigate not only the encounters dynamics among players but also contend with the uncertainties posed by anomalies.

Be the high roller Resident 

What's your lifestyle? Are you residing in affordable housing projects, modest homes, or upscale condos? Embark on the Mythic: Story Of ABraxas journey, where players have the opportunity to rise from humble beginnings to luxurious skylines. The quality of your character's dwelling directly influences the possibilities within their safehouse. Plus, who wouldn't want to Flex their success and outshine their friends?


Customize your own online gaming business. 


We aimed to redefine the survival game experience by departing from the conventional setting of surviving in a forest, crafting shelters from sticks and stones. Instead, we embraced an urban approach. In this game, players engage in rebuilding a city and have the unique opportunity to establish their digital dream businesses, be it a restaurant, car dealership, or clothing brand and store. Enjoy complete customization and control over every aspect of these enterprises.

Survive a horror movie.

We sought to revolutionize another aspect of "horror" survival games by moving away from the traditional zombie approach. Instead, we decided to breathe life into the SCP Foundation universe, unleashing some of your beloved anomalies to haunt you and your friends in this PVE world. Players will confront a challenging experience dealing with monsters, demons, dragons, angels, and much more scattered across locations and within breached SCP facilities. Survival will entail navigating these threats, establishing a reputation, and propelling the in-game economy forward by locating essential resources.


Start a Virtual Career


Perhaps action-packed combat or horror isn't your preference, and that's perfectly fine. In the ongoing process of rebuilding the world, it requires individuals like you to maintain its safety and integrity. Whether you choose to be a drug lord, a restaurant owner or worker, climb the ranks in law enforcement, or save lives in the medical industry, Mythic: Story of Abraxas offers numerous career paths. Players can start their careers by honing various skill sets and contributing to the diverse reconstruction of the world.

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