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Can you Survive?

Ready Controller one is a rougelite deck-building game that is a parody of the movie Ready Player One and a joke at a metaverse who claimed to create a game that was like the matrix and Ready Player One. Ready controller one exists in the same universe as Myths Story Of Abraxas as you will see familiar locations and enemies and characters that you will see in the world of Hidn. While we are developing the main title we want to give you a project that you can play throughout the development and will keep you entertained due to its fun and unforgiving difficult gameplay. 


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How To Play

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Bringing Change

Updates every 2-3 weeks.  

Feedback will be added to the game.

New cards, features enemies and missions, and maps will be added. Each update.


Community members will end up in the story as missions and characters. Meet some of your friends in the community in Ready Controller one, 

Community leaders will have a card made out of them as an Abraxas rare digital collectible that will have value players can collect, trade, sell or buy them. 

A 3d world is coming. 


Due to building a large open-world game and being a solo dev game, Ready Controller One 3d world experience will come in the future when players will be able to buy, sell and trade from player-owned stores. Think of Myths Story Of Abraxas but a single-player rougelite deckbuilding game where players will be able to battle each other but also see how far each other made it where players' tombstones will be displayed on the map to show how far somebody made it before having to go back to their hideouts.  In the 3d world, it will be a little more unforgiving because if you do not own hideouts or a bank stash when you die you will lose all of your progress and will have to start over but do not worry you will be able to rent and find good bank stash deals from other players in your server. Ready Controller One will take place before your player character that you will create in Myths Story Of Abraxas is freed. You will play as one of the NIne gate members as they all will have different classes and deck types. These features will come out as the games are developed but you will learn about what happened before Myths Story Of Abraxas happened. 

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How do the games connect?

Both of the games connect in a way that is unique where players will want to play both of the games. Both titles complement each other when a player is exploring the world of Hidn in the game Myths Story Of Abraxas they can find cards as digital collectibles that would appear in Ready Controller one. These cards will be able to be traded with other players in the Myths Stroy Of Abraxas as the Ui will look like a TCG card book. That is great but how will Ready Controller One connect with Myths Story Of Abraxas? In the 3d world, players will exist in the same server and the properties, businesses, and land will still be owned by the players. Players who own or control real estate or bank stash within Myths story Of Abraxas will have a way to protect their progress whereas players who do not control either will have to restart the game when they meet a game over screen. Players will be able to find resources and rare items for Myths Story Of Abraxas when exploring the Node world in Ready Controller One, as they search through the ruins of Hidn in a Rougelite mechanic. Players can access Ready controller one right through Myths Story Of Abraxas if they own a VR head (in-game) that can be purchased at the lemons store with in-game currency or the franchises currency. Remember you can earn these currencies by joining the groups and engaging in them in Hidn Verse. You can also exchange your Hidn Credits for any currency on Hidn Verse so that can help you as well if you do not want to buy with your own cash.    


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