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Banks owner

Take on the role of a bank franchise owner and offer a range of services to your players, including security deposit boxes, bank accounts, and protection for their cash. In Myths Story of Abraxas, every player needs a reliable debit card that will prevent theft of their hard-earned money and safeguard their corps.

You can own as many businesses as you can buy. You can rent or sell them out to other players as well you can hire players to certain types of businesses to help them earn an income.

In Myths Story of Abraxas, we have intentionally avoided limiting the player's imagination. As a result, players can become corporate owners, police officers, protectors of other players against anomalies, or even drug lords. The possibilities are truly endless.


Taxi/ Car Service

In Myths Story of Abraxas, you can become the owner of the city's taxi transportation company, where you'll have the opportunity to manage a team of experienced drivers and efficiently organize transportation services.


Hidn Arms

In Myths Story of Abraxas, you have the power to influence the level of violence in the city of Hidn by selling weapons to its citizens or by providing protection services. The choice is yours.


In Myths Story of Abraxas, there are various types of protection companies available. You could serve as one of the city's mayors, or be a prominent figure in a server who requires protection. Alternatively, you could hire experienced players who specialize in taking down monsters, gods, demons, and even cosmic-level beings.

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