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We do things a lot differently as our mission is to change the way the public looks at Blockchain games and give a warm welcome to gamers to the Web 3 space. We want to move away from the average land, profile picture, staking, etc... Meta that failed during the testing phase of Play to earn gaming. Our digital collectibles come with a  Validation ticket to use as a validation for ownership of the digital products.  We want to make sure our community is fully protected and come up with ways to combat counterfeiting in our game and we believe with the technology of Blockchain we can make that possible. Our DLC content can be resold to other players as the DLC will be rare. DLC will be content that we will work on as a live service that will continue giving players something to do and stories to create. Below you will see our shop, in our franchise, businesses that players/investors can own and earn income from will be able to be purchased. If you are looking for real estate or land please go over to the real estate page. You will see keycards that allow people access to a ton of exclusive content as well as selling in-game resources to our company and converting in-game money into our token. Land and real estate can be purchased in the real estate section.  

Please note: that everything below can be purchased with in-game money from players/investors you do not have to take part in Crypto or buy anything from our shop to experience any of the features of the game. You would have to do deals with players or investors in our community.