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Real Estate

Buy, Sell, or Rent

Real Estate inside Myths Story Of Abraxas is almost Identical to the real-world real estate. Accept you do not have to worry about the many problems that the system come with. You can buy, sell and rent hideouts. Hideouts are very important for players because when a player is done with their looting they will need to return to a hideout. Myth Story Of Abraxas is building a fully custimable experince for player where no one home should look alike. Real Estate comes in all different forms in a teir of 5.

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This Is Business 

When the world is owned by the community you will have to take part in making sure the econmey is alive and driving to its best state. Being a franchies owner or renting one you will be in control of one of many of the business that keep these crazy people waking up when you login. Be in control of the food that is sold in Hidn, the weapons, the clothes and armor, the medince and much more. Our NPC will run the business while you go out and do your daily routine. Make in money and then convert it into real world funds by making a bank withdraw or the quick crypto option.

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Transport In Style

Every business man or woman should know the meaning of supply and demand. Myths Story Of Abraxas follows that same system run out of supply can meet your customers demand they will go to another franchise to obtain said thing they are looking for, Each business can and will be different depending on the inventory owners decide to place in their business. This gives business owners a chance to standout from each other and give players to go to their store vs another player's store. We also will buy resources from players that will be used to recreate inventory or new items for the game. What makes you speical? The Market


This week's hot item


If you can't afford a place to hide your stash you can always hide it we will not tell anybody. Also, are you tried of getting robbed for your money? You can open up an account with Telsfargo today


Business Is Booming

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