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in a secret corner of the world, there existed an organization known as H.A.C.K. The acronym stood for "Hidn, Anomaly, contained, Knowledge", and their mission was to protect the world from dangerous supernatural entities and phenomena.

H.A.C.K was the counterpart of the corrupted organization SCP Foundation, but H.A.C.K's methods were more humane and ethical. They believed in containing and studying these entities, rather than destroying them.

At the helm of H.A.C.K was a warrior named Athena. Her employees believed she was the goddess of tactics, and she certainly lived up to that reputation. With her strategic mind and fierce determination, she led H.A.C.K on many successful missions, always keeping her team and the world safe.

But Athena's true identity was a mystery, even to her closest associates. Some whispered that she was indeed a goddess, while others believed her to be a highly skilled human with extraordinary abilities. But one thing was certain: under her command, H.A.C.K was unstoppable.

Together, Athena and her team of supernatural agents faced all manner of challenges, from ancient demons to modern-day monsters. They worked tirelessly to keep the world safe, always ready for the next threat that arose.

Despite the danger and uncertainty that came with their work, the team of H.A.C.K was united in their mission and their loyalty to Athena. And as long as they had her by their side, they knew they could handle anything the supernatural world could throw at them.

there existed a special team known as The Gates of the Nine Hells. This elite group of supernatural agents was formed to tackle the most dangerous and difficult missions that no one else could handle.

The team was led by Sethet, a one-winged entity with the power of creating realms. His wife, Inergy, was a powerful angel of lighting, said to have been created by Sethet himself. Together, they were a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Ronya was the team's assassin, a mechromancer with the power to summon mechanical weapons and turn old parts into creatures. She was a deadly and efficient fighter, feared by her enemies.

Divine'Rain was a battle angel, the daughter of Sethet and Inergy. She inherited her parents' power and strength, and was a fierce warrior in her own right.

Saint Michael was a young soldier who didn't take his job too seriously. It was rumored that he was the reincarnation of the arch angel, but he held back his galaxy-level power and instead used it to play video games on his missions.

Orayan was the team's creative, with the power to bring his imagination into reality. This caused world-ending events before where H.A.C.K, Hidn Army and the SCP Foundation had to come together and defeat the creature Orayan imagined in his sleep.

Zora was the youngest member of the group, an angel of the stars. Her powers were still a mystery, but it was believed that she had something hidden within her.

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