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Now you can build a world for your community. 

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Get Rewarded 

When you engage with any community on Hidn Verse, you can earn the community's token and Hidn Credits. These credits can be converted into any token with a value on the platform. This allows users to earn and exchange tokens for engaging with different communities on Hidn Verse.

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trolls and spam control. 

Spamming and trolling will not earn users anything on Hidn Verse because of the way the credit system works. When these actions occur, users will lose Hidn credits instead of gaining them. This system discourages spamming and trolling and encourages users to engage in positive and constructive ways within the community.


Build trust with your community. 

As a community leader, if you build trust with your community, they will help you grow and develop, which can open up opportunities for funding for both you and the community. Trust is an important aspect of building a successful and thriving community, and by fostering trust, community leaders can benefit from the support and engagement of their members.

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Build Relationships 

The most important aspect of the web 3 space is building partnerships and networking, and Hidn Verse is the ideal place to do so. With its social media platform and focus on community engagement, Hidn Verse provides users with the opportunity to connect with others and build valuable partnerships.


Earn for being a member.

By owning a membership key, users can earn rewards for each key they have and for each community they are a part of with a token of value. They can even create their own token for their own community. This allows users to take advantage of the benefits of membership keys and earn rewards for their participation in multiple communities and tokens.

Tokens with a usecase

As a community leader, you don't have to make unrealistic promises that other projects may make but cannot deliver on. We have the gaming projects and platform for you, all you have to do is build your community. The projects that we are building are for you and your community to enjoy and benefit from. By focusing on building a strong and engaged community, leaders can take advantage of the resources and opportunities that we provide.


Buy Myths Token

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