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We promise we are not watching you like a Front book 


This money looks good to look at. Thank you for being a customer of Tells Fargo


This could be you one day if you work hard. 

Sign up for an escrow account Today! 

This isn't a joke, Tells Fargo cares about the safety of our customers. When you become a customer of ours you apply for a safety deposit box that we call an escrow account. Whenever you do a deal where you are selling, buying, or renting real estate, products, or a franchise to another in our universe you will need an escrow account, Our team members on the backend will make sure all transactions are final and no one has to deal with theft. If you do not receive goods or payment items and funds will be returned to the rightful owners,   (No really, this isn't a joke) 

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President of Server: Name of Player

Vice President of Server: Name of Player

Head Judge of Server: Name of Player


Next Election: Date 


Please Note: Tells Fargo owners can Sell ad space for a price to business owners inside or outside our universe. We take 3% of the sale as a fee. 

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