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Welcome To The O5 Council

We secure, We contain, We Protect

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As you may have realized Myths Story Of Abraxas is taking a different spin on not only Web 3 gaming but on how gamers consume and look at gaming. We encourage community and want to give everyone the chance to create a name for themselves in gaming, One thing we must be honest with ourselves about is that everyone cannot become that big YouTuber or streamer and make it their livelihood for many circumstances. We want to give players the chance to add to our universe and get paid for their digital art or their contributions to our community, The O5 council welcomes you with open arms. We want to bring a usecase to Digital collectables. (NFTS)

In-game money. 

You can only purchase our in-game USD with our token Hidn Credits. You will be able to swap for them on the Polygon Network.  This feature will be available  soon, 

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Hidn Credit.png
Hidn Credit.png
Hidn Credit.png
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in-game usd.png
in-game usd.png
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Brand License. 

Brand Licenses allow players/investors to create brands under our IP and sell their brands in our game. We will help you with copyrights on the blockchain to protect your creations. If you need help with creation and designs we have a team for that as well checkout the packages below. Please wait for one of our copyright representatives to help you fully set up your account. Make sure you have a Myths RPG account. 

Start License

Comes with a Standard License. Please wait for one of our copyright representatives to help you fully set up your account. Make sure you have a Myths RPG account. 

Creator License

Comes with a Standard License One of our artists will draw three concepts for your models. Please wait for an artist to contact you on Myths RPG 

Executive License

Comes with a creator License your concept art will be turned into 3d FBX models and placed into the Myths Story Of Abraxas and any future titles we create. Your Executive certificate and FBX files will be sent to you on Myths RPG Please wait for a representative to contact you about the stats creation of your  in-game assets, 

Your Own In Game Assets 

You must have one of our  License packages to create custom assets for Myths Story Of Abraxas. When you purchase one of the packages below please wait until a representative contacts you within 72 hours if no one contacts you please reach out to one of our community managers to get your order resolved. Please note to create the stats for your assets will be an extra charge of $200. The stats must fit the system of Myths Story Of Abraxas Abraxas and Cosmic Assets cost an extra charge of $700 due to power creeping, Brands can only create 2 Abraxas, 4 Cosmic 8 Master 16 supreme rarity assets per year, All Assets will be fully colored, coded, animated and rooted.  All Headquarters will have a full exterior/interior with your company's logo in and on the building. 

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